Beata Bermuda has established themselves as a breath of fresh air on the Swedish folk music scene. The exuberant live act has been well received by audiences in both Europe and the USA. Self-composed music on violin, vocals and glockenspiel with features of traditional Scandinavian music and a touch of indie-pop has given Beata Bermuda their own unique voice – a voice that speaks of feminism and tolerance.


Linnea Aall Campbell, Hanna Andersson and Samantha Ohlanders met at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Their band Beata Bermuda grew out of a shared interest in exploring the possibilities of the violin and finding new voices and functions for it beyond its traditional place in a folk fiddle trio. Intriguing lyrics evolved taking stands on feminism, anti nationalism and tolerance, and today they call their sound acoustic indie folk.


The band has played concerts and toured both at home in Sweden, in Europe and in the USA since its conception in 2011. In 2014 the group released its debut album Beata Bermuda which received great reviews and represented Sweden at the Euroradio Folk Festival. The album was followed up in 2017 with the CD Old School Sessions in which Beata Bermuda put its own spin on traditional Nordic folk music.

The long-standing friendship between Linnea, Hanna and Samantha makes Beata Bermuda an energetic stage presence characterized by equal amounts of warmth, joy and earnestness.

Linnea Aall Campbell

Linnea Aall Campbell grew up in Rengsjö in the simmering cultural brew of southern Hälsingland. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2012 and has since worked extensively in areas of music and the performing arts. In addition to Beata Bermuda Linnea is also a member of the music groups Lajka, Spöket i Köket and Lynx Ensemble in the project “Hälsingebarocken”. Linnea was awarded the Hugo Alfvén stipend and has received a scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson grew up in Upplands Väsby, just north of Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2012. In 2017 she received the Jernberg medal for her extensive work with the music of the Jernberg tradition from Gästrikland. In 2018 Hanna’s audio artwork “Näcken i Upplands Väsby” was installed at the station area in her hometown of Upplands Väsby. She is also a member of the music groups Duo Fjerdingoy & Andersson and Promise and the Monster.

Samantha Ohlanders

Samantha Ohlanders is a folk musician, composer and activist with roots in Järvsö, Hälsingland. She has worked with The Swedish National Theatre Company, The Västernorrland Regional Theatre and is a member of the board of “Unga på Landsbygden”, an organization that works against the urban norm. In 2018 Samantha hosted “Sommar i P1” (which is one of the biggest radio shows in Sweden and a staple of Swedish culture) together with her colleague Sara Parkman. Samantha is educated at the Royal Academy of Music. She has received the Spel-Stina medal, the Lill-Babs Stipend, and was awarded at the Swedish Folk- & World Music Gala in 2018.